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JM HHH Provider Enrollment Application Status Lookup

If you do not receive status information using the number you entered, please call the Palmetto GBA Provider Contact Center at 855-696-0705. We will research the status of your enrollment application.

Please note: Status information is updated approximately 24 hours after each transaction.

The following steps detail the natural flow of the CMS Form 855 and 20134 through the enrollment process from receipt to completion. Based on the current status of the application, the Application Status Lookup Tool will display the current status step as detailed below.

  • 1. Application received - initial screening not complete.
  • 2. Initial screening COMPLETE. No additional information needed at this time.
  • 3. Pending Provider Response.
  • 4. Pending Provider Response - 2nd Request.
  • 5. Provider Response Received.
  • 6. Additional Information Request NOT Received.
  • 7. PECOS System Update Pending.
  • 8. Claims System Update Pending.
  • 9. Closed.